Fly Fishing Tackle

Guadeloupe Fly Fishing Tackle

Fly fishing tackle for Guadeloupe face the same constraints as spinning tackle. It must therefore have several quality points.
We have a partnership with the ‘Mouches Devaux’ and ‘Mouches Bernard’ fly-makers. On board, you will fish on the fly with their brand new range of products specially designed for sea anglers.

The 9’ DVX rods (with 8 silk line). They are used for bonefish and baby tarpon. They’re fast-action rods and will do the job even when it’s very windy. When you fish for bigger tarpon and snook along the shore, you’re better-off with a 10 silk line as you will have to stop them.

guadeloupe fly fishing tackle

guadeloupe fly fishing tackle

The DVX BTP fly reels were specially designed to stop bigger fish and they’ll take good runs. Thanks to their powerful drag, you stand good chances of winning the fight when bonefish strikes or tarpon runs. They have a modern and elegant design. Also, their whole aluminium body was specially treated to resist salt corrosion.

‘Mouches BERNARD’

Valentin BERNARD is a French fly maker. Specialist in the design of flies for trout and other freshwater fish species in France, he has developed new products after discovering fishing in Guadeloupe in recent years. Here is his proposal of flies “Exotic” accompanied by his advice of use.

Fly fishing tackle Guadeloupe Mouche Bernard

Baitfish Fly Mouche Bernard

‘Baitfish’ Fly

It is mounted on tmc 600sp in 2/0 and 4/0. We advise you to take it in several colors depending on the water and fish mood. Essential colours: Tan, black and purple, ayu…
It exists with anti grass hook or without in order to maximize the ferrages in full water.

‘Bonefish Bitter’ Fly

The little one of the team that has everything of a big: a diabolical small bitter in size 8 mounted on tmc 811s which is perfect for educated fish.

Bonefish Bitter Fly Mouches Bernard

Flexo Crab Mouches Bernard Fly Fishing Guadeloupe

‘Flexo Crab’ Fly

It is a legendary crab with a hollow body and rather light. The latter allows it, despite its low weight, to descend relatively quickly and to enter the mouth of the fish more easily with the suction.

‘Mac Crab’ Fly

My favorite, a little heavier than the Flexo it will land perfectly flat on the sandy bottom to wait for the bones to pass on its trajectory. He has already many allowed his assets also including the beautiful specimen of our stay.

Mac Crab Fly Mouches Bernard

‘CDC Ghost’ Fly (different colors)

I like to adapt the color according to the background (olive for turtle grass, tan for sand etc.)
Mounted on 4 or 6 it does not hang with these eyes that act as anti grass. It is declined in different weights depending on the water height. (eyes chain or lead) The specificity of the CDC makes the fly very mobile even when stopped.

Manthis fly mouches bernard

‘Manthis’ Fly

A shrimp a little bigger in 2/4/6 for fishing at all or bonefish on small sizes. I also advise you to adapt the weights.

‘Spawn Shrimp’ Fly

It looks a lot like the Mantis, the only difference is a fluo orange egg ball in the lead to play on the aggressiveness of the fish, this can make the difference. I just advise you to have one or two in the box.

Spwan Shrimp Fly

Gotcha fly mouches bernard

‘Gotcha’ Fly

Here is a mythical fly very alive with a back in Craft Fur mobile and a very shiny body. In hot (neon) or natural version to see if the fish are playful.

‘SP’ Fly

She is undoubtedly THE fly to have in gwada for the bonefish! I propose it in three weights mounted in 6: one without ballast, a light chain and a heavy lead. Whether in tan for the sandy beaches or dark olive for the darker bottoms it has never failed us.

To remember the most important is to have a small mix of flies with or without touch of fluo (anti-grass), shiny not shiny, but especially with or without ballast to compensate for the different conditions of tides and water heights!

Here is the tackle that I put at your disposal. You can of course come on board with your own stuff.

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