The rivers of Guadeloupe

rivers guadeloupe

The many rivers in Guadeloupe prompted the native inhabitants to call it Karukera, ‘the island of beautiful waters’. Indeed, countless large or small rivers flow into local river basins. Due to heavy rainfall , they are mostly found in the mountainous region of Basse-Terre. This ecosystem is home for the so-called vieux-habitants (‘ouassous’) that is to say freshwater shrimps, crabs, sycidium (‘poisson colle roche’), guppies, tilapias together with some aquatic invertebrates these species feed on.

rivers guadeloupe

Some species hardly fished for can also be found in this maze of tangled rivers. The famous ‘mulet de montagne’ (agonostomus monticola) aswell as the ‘poisson dormeur’ (nimbochromis livingstonii) are abundant in these waters and they are very reactive too ! We try to catch them with lures or fish for them on the fly upstream, always using ultra light tackle.

rivers guadeloupe

Of course, this fish is fairly small but special skills are required for ultra light fishing and that’s what makes it so interesting. Walking knee-deep in 25 degree waters is very enjoyable. This outing is a fine mix of sight-seeing, rambling and fishing : a great experience for nature-lovers. Check out this video as an example.

Come and discover the beautiful rivers of Guadeloupe.

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