The mangrove

The mangrove of Guadeloupe is my favourite playground.

Boat fishing in the mangrove of Guadeloupe

The mangrove is a specific eco-system made of swampy salt marshes. It’s got its own vegetation as only some plants can grow in brackish waters. This biotope looks like no other and boosts the growth of a rich and unique fauna and flora. With its typical roots arching above the water level, the red mangrove tree is a fine example of this amazing eco-system : It is one of the most diverse and productive eco-system on Earth and as such it is vital for our planet.

Mangrove trees

At first glance, the mangrove looks like a hostile environment for the red mangrove tree : Its roots are usually sunk in an unstable muddy base with a poor level of oxygen, not to mention its spider-like legs always submerged in warm waters. And yet, surprisingly enough, this plant manages to grow and thrive in these conditions somehow.

Mangroves are found along the coast in shallow waters with little current. They cover a large area in Guadeloupe and they are a great natural defence against shore erosion.

Fish fry in mangrove roots


Not only is the mangrove home for many bird species, shellfish, crabs, crustaceans but it’s also an amazing fish nursery. Taking care of it is essential for the growth, let alone the balance of marine wildlife. Many fish species take shelter in the submerged roots of mangrove trees to spawn and hide their fry.

Fishing for snook in mangrove

Mangrove fish

Of course, abundant food is enticing for predators . That’s why they spend so much time lurking in these waters. Not only does it provide abundant food but it’s also a safe place to hide. Silver kings, snooks, jacks, barracudas, dentex and bonefish feed there. All of them are wonderful fighters !

Snook from french west indies

The mangrove is a natural reserve protected and supervised by the National Park of Guadeloupe. It’s made of reserves where fishing is strictly prohibited. Preserving this rare biodiversity is a top priority. And so, catch and release is not optional.

Mangrove Fishing in Guadeloupe

The mangroves are a maze of intertwined roots and branches where abundant fish hide and feed. So, it’s bound to test every fisherman’s skills but it’s fun too. Once we’ve crossed the lagoon, we can start fishing the mangroves along the banks and then venture into this maze of roots and branches. My flat-bottomed boat (Mitzi Skiff) allows a stealthy approach of these spots. Spinning (casting and reeling in) with lures aswell as fly fishing are the two most suitable techniques to fish these waters.

Family fishing in mangrove

This outing can also be the chance to entertain the whole family. Your friends, children or partner are very welcome to join us and support you.

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