Fishing boat for Guadeloupe

What kind of fishing boat for Guadeloupe ?
There’s two reasons why I‘ve decided to equip myself with two different boats that complement each other. Of course, I did it to have more options and adapt my fishing to the conditions (season, weather forecast, type of fishing, number of fishermen onboard). But it’s first and foremost to be flexible so as to make my fishermen happy !


boat guadeloupe

It’s an an American model that was specially designed for mangrove fishing. Its incredibly shallow draft (6,3 in) enables to reach the best spots effortlessly and do some really good sight-fishing. Once the engine is turned off and out of the water, I stand at the rear, perched up on a little ‘platform’. The great advantage of my position is that I can search the waters for fish with superlative view of the spots. Also, I pull my skiff with a carbon pole and can get closer to the hotspot without a noise. At the front, you stand on your own ‘platform’ just above the water. It’s large enough so you can enjoy tip top conditions to cast. This boat offers great stability and comfort. No skiff compares with the Mitzi Skiff 17’’ when it comes to sight-fishing on lures or flies !

The OPEN 7.20

boat guadeloupe

The Open 7.20 is more suitable when the sea is a bit rough. It is built here in the Caribbean ( ‘Saintoise’ model) and was designed to roam our seas. It is suitable for up to six fishermen and heavy enough to take strong winds. So, it’s well-adapted for drift-fishing. It’s a reliable boat for bottom fishing in the lagoon (‘scratching’ the bottom with the lure) and light trolling. It’s well adapted for casting in the shallows too. On this boat, I can also treat you to a trip around the ‘Grand Cul- de- Sac Marin’.

Another option is to set out for a fishing session in more remote spots so you can to try your hand at pelagic species. The drop-offs in the lagoon are great for heavier casting and jigging. Well, to sum it up, this boat is a hundred percent safe and reliable to try a wide range of techniques and… have fun !

Our services on our boat in Guadeloupe :

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