Dedicated fishermen

For some fishermen, fishing means more than fishing. It’s the passion of a lifetime ! Whether they stay at home, in their country or travel the world to indulge their passion, they are always happy to be assisted by a dedicated fisherman.

I’m here to share with you the techniques we use in Guadeloupe, aswell as my vision of fishing and my passion for it . That’s why I’m always willing to advise so that you can improve your skills and adapt to the fishing conditions here. I will spare no effort so that you can reach your goal. I think exchanging experience is the key to success. Indeed, mixing all that you’ve learnt with what I already know about fishing in Guadeloupe (and the fish here) will help us find and catch them.

barracuda with a dedicated fisherman

tarpon fishing

I’m flexible. If you wish to focus on a fish species, if you want to use a technique in particular, if you wish to fish in a specific environment, you just have to let me know and I’ll do my best to make your dream come true. No matter how experienced we are, fishing is always a great opportunity to learn even more.

The boats we have are well-adapted to our environment and perfectly well-equipped. We also have top quality fishing tackle on board. Of couse, like many dedicated fishermen you may prefer to fish with your own. Filling our lure boxes with the choicest lures, the ones that will work is also part of the fishing trip. For further information, you can read our fishing tackle page. Before you come and visit us, you can also email me if you want more tips about the rods, lures etc.

Jack Crevalle

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Before you come and visit us, you can email me if you want more tips about the rods, lures etc.

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